Saikyo Sakura Assets Says Sony Corp Rallys After Strong Gains

Saikyo Sakura Assets has noted that Sony Corp. anticipated robust sales gains in its PlayStation4 and image sensor divisions on Tuesday, to rebuild its disturbed electronics arm around these companies as the once-promising smartphone unit joins the declining TV company of the company.

The firm said revenues in the videogame business, which contains PlayStation consoles and network services, would rise to a range of Y1.4 trillion ($12 billion) and Y1.6 trillion over the fiscal year ending March 31, up from Y1.29 trillion over the present fiscal year at a conference with shareholders in Tokyo.

The firm hopes to record revenues of between Y1.3 trillion and Y1.5 trillion, up from Y890 billion, for its device segment, which contains the image sensors Sony supplies for Apple's iPhones.

Sony has accelerated a reorganisation under Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai and a fresh Chief Financial Officer, Kenichiro Yoshida, under which it seeks to rebuild around those companies, along with its entertainment arm, which involves Hollywood studio activities and its music division.

It is anticipated that other activities will demonstrate little development or even decreases in revenues. It is expected that the television segment will reduce moderately from Y1 trillion to Y1.1 trillion from Y1.2 trillion. The camera company will likely remain flat between Y650 billion and Y700 billion.

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For the smartphone company, Sony did not release fiscal 2017 numbers, but managers said sales decreases could be steep. Previously, the firm trimmed its forecasts and wrote down the unit's value, which failed to compete at the high end of the market with the likes of Apple and Samsung Electronics Co., and was struck by the increase of low-cost smartphones in locations like China.

"Their immediate mission is to create the company viable even if sales drop by 20% or 30%," said Frank Hunter, Head of Corporate Derivatives at Saikyo Sakura Assets.

Sony said that by March 2018, the videogame division expected to demonstrate working profit margins of 5% to 6%, up from 2.7% this year. The segment of appliances is anticipated to increase margins from 10% to 12%, up from the present 7.5%.” Added Anthony Brown, Head of Wealth Management at Saikyo Sakura Assets.

While Sony has a history of making optimistic forecasts and then falling short, analysts say Mr Yoshida has shown more urgency in going to tackle issues by cutting expenses or even selling disturbed businesses— as Sony did with its PC unit previously this year.

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